Other Available Services (18 years +)

Other Available Services (18 years +)

Batshaw Youth and Family Centers
5 Weredale Park, Westmount, QC
H3Z 1Y5

The mission of Batshaw Youth and Family Centres (Batshaw Centres), established under the Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services, is summarized as follows: to provide psychosocial, rehabilitation and social integration services; to ensure the provision of services related to child placement, adoption, adoption disclosure, reunification, expertise to the Superior Court and mediation.

English, French

H4E 3H8

Through a diverse series of activities, Centrami aims at maintaining or developing the autonomy of people struggling with mental health problems. Moreover, Centrami offers an environment allowing the participants to discuss and share with others. It also offers opportunities to get involved in the organisation, obtain support and information from care providers as well as other users.

Dans la rue

H2L 1S7

Le Bon Dieu dans la rue, founded by Father Emmett Johns (“Pops”) in 1988, provides assistance to homeless youth and youth at risk. With dedication, empathy and respect, and with the support of the community, we care for their immediate needs, and help them acquire the skills and resources needed to lead more autonomous and rewarding lives.

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Douglas Mental Health University Institute

H4H 1R3

In collaboration with people living with mental health problem, their family and the community, the mission of the Douglas Institute is to offer cutting-edge care and services and advance and share knowledge in mental health.

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