Discover  and download the new resources map of LaSalle.

Are looking for an organization, a medical clinic, a park with water games? The resources map will be a necessary tool to locate yourself in the territory. Citizens and stakeholders in LaSalle use it on a daily basis.

Produced and distributed by the members of TAC enfance famille de LaSalle.


The members of Table enfance- famille de LaSalle have targeted 4 practices to develop the oral communication of toodlers.

  • Listening: wait 5 seconds of silence
  • Playing with words
  • To put words on our actions
  • To put ourselves to the height of the child

At home or at the daycare service, print them and have fun by replicating these positions with toddlers and increase their oral communication skills.

Produced by Isabelle Charbonneau on behalf of the TAC enfance- famille de LaSalle